How to choose a hotel in Turkey

The holiday season is approaching and you are already thinking about where to spend it? Many people are attracted to Turkey with the popular “all inclusive” system. But the choice of hotels that are offered in the tourist market is simply huge ... And you are lost ... You do not know what to choose ... Today I will help you understand the specifics of Turkish hotels and choose what you really like.
The very first thing you need to decide is the area you want to go to. The most popular are Kemer, Side, Belek, Alanya, Marmaris.


Location Determine what is important to you - the sea and the beach or the sea and walks around the city. Hotels in Turkey occupy almost every piece of land, both within the city and beyond. Of course, no one forces you to sit in a hotel, if it is not in the city, the transport network in Turkey is developed quite well, and a taxi is relatively inexpensive. Therefore, if you do not plan night raids into clubs, it is better to look at the hotel outside the city (less people, dust, cleaner air, etc.). In this case, there is no need to worry about gifts to relatives-colleagues; in almost every hotel there are benches with local soverneri and sweets, and even in a good hotel and even more so. Estimate the area (territory). If you are traveling with a small child, and the hotel area is several hectares, is it convenient for you to move with the baby - at sea, for lunch at a restaurant, in a room, again at sea, etc. Perhaps you are more comfortable with a small hotel compact territory and developed infrastructure, created specifically for family holidays.


Pay attention to which line the hotel is located on. The farther from the sea, the longer you have to get to it. Of course, from the hotel, located in the depths of the mainland, tourists to the beach carries a bus. But ask yourself the question: are you ready to live on vacation on a schedule? Yes, this place will cost less than a hotel on the first or second line, but is it worth it? If, of course, there is no question of austerity. Find out which beach at the hotel - sand or pebbles. If the latter, be sure to take with rubber sneakers, because going into the water and out of it with your bare legs will be very difficult. Even if you have already been to neighboring hotels and know that this place has pebbly beaches, you should still check with the tour manager about the beach of a particular hotel. Some owners, focusing on the development of their own, for example, children's activities, specially imported sand to relax on the beach was comfortable. Therefore, the neighbors on the beach pebbles, and they have sand.


With this, of course, more difficult, because the kitchen in Turkey is almost the same everywhere, especially with all inclusive. And learn the specifics of the dishes and appreciate the taste you can only on the fact of the stay. But again, if you are traveling with children, please check if the hotel menu includes children's ration dishes. For example, the TUI Fun & Sun Mariosa Ghazal hotel in Kemer specially invited Russian chefs to conduct master classes for their employees. And now in their menu there are necessarily cereals (not buckwheat, floating in milk, namely cereals, to which we are accustomed) and soups (borscht, hodgepodge, etc.).

Fun and sleep

In the summer season animators work in almost every hotel. But again, the animation animation is different. In good hotels the program is scheduled in advance, ask the manager to tell you about it. Specify the possibilities of the hotel (volleyball court, football field, tennis court, water slides, etc.). If there is nothing of this and you are not a bookworm, then can you fully enjoy the rest ... Another important point is a dream. As a rule, in high season in hotels organize local discos, which sometimes end well after midnight. Music is heard throughout. Therefore, it is not always a room with a sea view (and discos are mostly arranged just on the shore) is better than without it. If you are not a fan of night music, then I can reassure you: as a rule, the sound in the room does not pass in a good hotel with the windows and balcony closed. But just in case, I recommend to take earplugs.